COVID-19 Tips and Resources for Older Adults

​AARP, TVW and State Team Up to Provide Important resources

April 17, 2020

"Teach with TVW Connects" is partnering with AARP-Washington and the governor's COVID-19 Joint Information Center to connect seniors across Washington with state leaders, for up-to-date information on coronavirus pandemic. Tune in each Thursday at 6:00pm on TVW for a new episode of "Spread the Facts." The program “Spread the Facts” will focus on tips and resources for older adults and their families to Stay Home and Stay Healthy. Their mission is to help educate Washington citizens about important issues and connect them with relevant state government resources. Future programs will cover topics including caregiving tips for family members taking care of loved ones, tips on how to combat emerging frauds and scams, and more.

Watch the program very Thursday at 6:00pm on TVW(Check here for local listings) or view episodes in full on this webpage or on AARP's Facebook page. If you would like to submit a question for future programs, email them at


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