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Crisis line, Eviction info, chatbot symptom checker, and LBGTQ caregivers support

June 04, 2020

Some great things have come across my desk recently and I’d like to share them with you all!  Have a great week everyone!

The North Central Washington Crisis line wants to remind everyone that they are here to help, flyers in Spanish and English attached.

A crisis can happen

at any time.

The North Central Washington Crisis Line can help when you, your child, or someone else is:

  • Talking or thinking about harming oneself or others
  • Acting recklessly or violently
  • Having hallucinations, delusions, or is not able to care for oneself
  • Having a substance use crisis

It’s free and confidential. Available 24/7.

(800) 852-2923 TTY (855) 644-7361

Text HOME to 741741 to access the National Crisis Text Line.

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Una crisis puede suceder en cualquier momento.

La línea para casos de crisis de North Central Washington puede ayudarlo cuando su hijo u otra persona:

  • Habla sobre hacerse daño a sí mismo o a otros, o lo piensa
  • Actúa con imprudencia o de manera violenta
  • Tiene alucinaciones, delirios o no puede cuidarse a sí mismo
  • Tiene una crisis por consumo de drogas

Es gratuita y confidencial. Disponible las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana.

(800) 852-2923 TTY (855) 644-7361

Envíe la palabra HOME por mensaje de texto al 741741 para acceder a la Línea nacional para mensajes de texto en casos de crisis.

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·       Attached are some great Eviction Moratorium Infographics from The Northwest Justice Project, really great information for renters.

·       LifeLine Ambulance Inc shared info on a really neat CDC Coronavirus Self-Checker chatbot known as Clara, info attached, link:

·       June 5th, 2 PM:  The Associated Students of Wenatchee Valley College Omak and Red Road Association are sponsoring an online webinar: Always Take Care of Yourself – COVID-19 Through the Indigenous Lens.  Registration information on flyer attached.

·       The University of Washington School of Social Work has a great FREE program going on right now!  If you know of a caregiver and care receiver team where one or both are LBGTQ and the care receiver has memory loss, the free IDEA Aging With Pride program may benefit them. 

Enjoy the day!

Lisa McGowan

Information & Outreach Specialist

Aging & Adult Care of Central Washington

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