Regionally-oriented COVID19 website from Confluence Health

Confluence Health Adjusts to the COVID19 Crisis

April 17, 2020

Confluence Health has turned on a dime and they are ramping up for video visits.  In addition, Confluence Health has set up separate respiratory visit sites and testing facilities. A new testing facility went online last week at the Methow Valley Clinic, and a new drive-thru testing location at the Omak Clinic. They are getting  turnaround times down to 24 hours for COVID19 test results.  The changes have made it possible to have reasonable access for testing throughout the system.

Confluence Health has instituted a robust hotline for patients.  Also, a hotline is set up for  employees so they can help prevent  contagion within the workforce. The leadership at Confluence Health is working double time to help employees adjust to the COVID19 situation. 

Confluence Health set up a regionally-oriented COVID-19 website that addresses conditions and resources within the different counties.



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