Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

Did you know that new child therapists, individual therapists, addiction treatment, and psychiatric evaluations are not as scarce as they used to be in Okanogan and Chelan Counties? Because of some significant changes impacting health care access in North Central Washington, mental health practitioners are embedded in the medical system more extensively. For example, Family Health Centers in Twisp, Omak, and Bridgeport have licensed behavioral health practitioners on staff. That is only one example of how mental health is changing in North Central Washington rural communities. 

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Individual Mental Health Practitioners
Click for some free information on current resources in North Central Washington.
Crisis Assistance
Get help for more immediate crisis situations.
Treatment Facilities
Get information on inpatient and outpatient specialized treatment facilities locally and regionally located.
Testing & Evaluation
Find out who in your area does psychiatric evaluations, custody evaluations, psychological, disability, and educational testing.
Therapy Groups
Find group services whether they are for profit, non-profit or self-help.
Although fewer resources are available in many of the smaller rural communities of North Central Washington, with the help of crea...
Clinics and Community Support Organizations
People coming together in Central
Suicide Prevention
Find 24/7 national, local and state suicide prevention hotlines. Locate suicide care teams and community resources available near...

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